CHITRAGATI is a collaborative space founded by Abu Kalam Shamsuddin and Benjamin Thorpe. Projects are based in artistic research and explore themes of hybridity and interconnectedness. Often beginning with a specific piece of cultural material, projects can unfold through dialogue, collaborative writing, and/or creative output.


The first project, begun in 2017, is based on the the early nineteenth-century landscape and architectural painter, Sita Ram. In an essay titled "Sita Ram's Hybrid Paintings of Nineteenth-Century India," recently published in the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh (Humanities), Shamsuddin and Thorpe discuss the overlooked hybridity and personal narratives woven into Sita Ram's work. The essay reflects on the dynamics of Sita Ram's employment with the British East India Company during a period of intensifying colonial rule, and investigates the way Sita Ram's work is currently displayed in western museums.