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Guess what! UC Davis has made available their video recording of Concordian Dawn's performance of the Roman de Fauvel at the Ann E. Pitzer Center on February 16th.


Projected alongside the performance is a slideshow that alternates between mixed-media drawings that I produced for this project and images from one of the original illuminated manuscripts containing the Roman de Fauvel.

I hope you enjoy the artwork and the phenomenal musicianship of this group! 

ROMAN DE FAUVEL | February 2024

This month, I had the pleasure of presenting my artwork in collaboration with Concordian Dawn, a medieval music ensemble directed by Christopher Preston Thompson.


The program - performed at San Francisco Conservatory of Music, UC Davis, and St Paul's Episcopal Church in Oakland - featured selections from the Roman de Fauvel, a fourteenth-century political satire in which the election of a narcissistic horse (Fauvel) as king of France prompts a crisis of public outrage and moral reexamination. I created a series of mixed-media drawings to be projected alongside the performance. 

This was part of an ongoing collaboration with Concordian Dawn, and I hope to keep the partnership going, so stay tuned for future events! 

ALBUM ART | December 2023

My painting, "Planisphere," has been printed in a new album called Medieval Song from Aristotle to Opera, recently released by Concordian Dawn!

The music in this album is absolutely transporting. My painting was commissioned for one song in particular - an anonymous alba from Fleury-sur-Loire in southern France. An alba, in the music of 11th and 12th-century troubadours, was a song of lament for lovers parting at dawn. This particular song pictures Aurora, goddess of dawn, lighting her torch as the constellations in the early morning sky slowly fade. And best of all, my wife, Michele Kennedy, sang the soprano part in the vocal ensemble!

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